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Products Used in HVAC

Products Used in HVAC

Our components help make up HVAC systems that keep you cool when it's hot and toasty when it's not.

Triangle Manufacturing Company is an innovative manufacturer of custom and standard cushioned bearings and  HVAC components. Some of the largest HVAC manufacturers and suppliers in the world rely on Triangle. Our products are used in residential and commercial air conditioning units, ventilation systems and blower fans.We work cohesively with HVAC OEM's to achieve the most durable and cost-effective design. Our components have been used in the leading heating and cooling units for the past 30 years.

Triangle is equipped to handle orders for 50 to 50,000 components with short lead times. We can satisfy orders for vibration-suppressing  cushion mounted bearings and fully customized motor mount designs. We have cost-efficient  shipping options designed to reduce bulky, expensive packaging and streamline your deliveries.

Our motor mount design is revolutionary, not only is it strong and durable, but because of our assembly options, we can ship knocked-down components that drastically reduce shipping costs. We can fulfill complete assemblies with MIG welding or other value-added services.