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Motor Mounts & HVAC

Industries Using This Product

Heating and Air Conditioning Motor Mounting Brackets

Available Motor Diameters: 4.4" to 6.5"
Available Motor Frame Sizes: 42, 48 and 56  

TR5392 Motor Mount ArmMotor Mount   

Pictured above are TR/TW mounts, available with either three or four arms

Designed for the residential and commercial HVAC industry, our motor mounting brackets are considered to be the most durable and affordable units available on the market. These brackets are used in furnaces, air conditioners, refrigeration units and in swamp coolers and other ventilation applications.

Built for over the last 40 years as a modular system, either in three- or four-arm units, our galvanized steel motor mounts are unique, easy to install and flexible.

Motor Mounts on a Squirrel Cage BlowerDesigned to dampen vibrations, each leg of the bracket can includes rubber footings and can be configured in length and gauge to accommodate nearly any fan blade diameter. Special order ferrules and rubber footings are also available depending upon the vibration isolation needs. These grommets are available as product options for motor mounts and are available in different hardnesses (durometers), please inquire for full options.

The belly band and mounting arms are shipped as a knocked-down package, keeping shipping costs and storage space to a minimum. Triangle can supply a very low cost assembly fixture so that the motor mount can be assembled and mounted on the motor in the same operation, often faster than a preassembled mount.

The belly band surrounding the motor is available in over 40 sizes, with custom units easily accommodated. The motor mount assembly fixture is manufactured to meet any belly band size and is an integral part of the system, paying for itself after just a short-run of installations.

Don’t know what size or configuration you may need? No problem! Our team of engineers will determine the unit and its special fittings to meet your vibration challenges and fan diameters. Call us today for pricing or a demonstration of our motor mount assembly. For in-home assembly help, view our installation instructions.

TS8212, one of Triangle's most popular arms     TS8212, one of Triangle's most popular arms.

Pictured above are examples of TS arms and bands, available with three or four arms

Product Specifications

Product Name Description Application Drawing
Centrifugal Blower Mount Designed primarily for use in centrifugal, 'squirrel cage' blower applications, this model is available for NEMA 42", 48" and 56" frame motors. TR
Centrifugal Blower Mount This is a super, heavy-duty version of the TR mount. TW
Condenser Fan Mount Designed for condenser (propeller) fan applications and for the NEMA 42", 48" and 56" frame motors. TS