Linkages & Rod Ends

Linkages & Rod Ends

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Rod ends and linkages are used to transfer motion, whether that motion is shifting a gear in a lawnmower or controlling the throttle position in a Class 8 truck. Triangle is able to completely customize rod end and linkage size, gaging and material used. The real-world applications of these engineered components are endless and completely specific to each customer and industry.


  • Self-aligning ball design that compensates for surface, shaft or connection mounting irregularities
  • Custom manufacturing in nearly any shape or size to adapt to engineering needs
  • Length can vary from four inches to 21 inches
  • Available with 0.180 (8-gage) to 0.055 (16-gage) material options
  • Bore sizes range from 1/4" to 3/4"
  • Complete linkage/rod end solution saving valuable assembly time
  • Sophisticated design architecture to generate great strength from very little material


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