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How to Assemble Triangle Manufacturing Motor Mounts

How to Assemble Triangle Manufacturing Motor Mounts

Learn how to assembly Triangle Manufacturing's motor mounts at high and low quantities. 

Motor Mount Assembly

When you purchase motor mounts and belly bands from Triangle, you can choose to have them shipped assembled or unassembled. Shipping your motor mount unassembled will lead to significant cost-savings. 

High-volume assembly instructions

If you purchase a high quantity of motor mounts (7,000 to 10,000 pieces or more a year), we recommend purchasing a motor mount assembly Fixture, to improve the process. Most OEMs incorporate our assembly fixture into their production line. 

Low volume assembly instructions

Before you place your order:

  • Determine if you need 3 or 4 arms. 
  • Use our application drawing, to determine your part number. 
  • Determine if you need grommets and/or ferrules. 

Once you have received your product, use your motor to bend the belly band into a circular shape. Then arrange the arms so that they correspond with the ridges on the belly band. Once all arms are in their correct positions, use a bolt to screw the ends of the band together. This will cause the arms to be caught between the motor and the band, holding them securely in place. 

After assembling the arms and band, refer to your furnace's installation guide, or contact the furnace manufacturer for further help. 

If you have would like to learn more about Triangle's motor mount arms and bands, please visit our motor mount product page or contact us today.

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