How Triangle's Belly Band Motor Mount Fixture Can Improve your Assembly Line

How Triangle's Belly Band Motor Mount Fixture Can Improve your Assembly Line

Triangle Manufacturing Company designed and created a belly band motor mount assembly fixture that installs the mount to the motor. Many of Triangle's customers have incorporated this machine into their current assembly set-up which has helped them save thousands on more efficient shipping. 


  • Triangle ships the arms and belly bands unassembled - this is because you can fit more of the smaller pieces in boxes rather than stacking the mounts, which takes up more space. This knock down assembly shipping method is what helps reduce shipping costs significantly.
  • By having the belly band motor mount fixture, this will make it easier on your production team to assemble the mounts to the motor. 

Benefits of Triangle's Belly Band Motor Mount Assembly Fixture

  • Triangle will build and design the fixture based on the number of arms and dimensions of your motor
  • The assembly fixture provides a consistent mount
  • The assembly fixture makes it easy to change the mount height
  • Triangle is able to design and build multiple configurations for many different styles of motors
  • Triangle is able to provide a cut-out front which helps reduce damage to wires or plug ports
  • The assembly fixture firmly holds the motor, band and arms in place while hardware is being added, and torqued to customer specifications



Triangle's belly band motor mounts are commonly found in residential furnaces and air handlers. They have been designed as a modular system to reflect the HVAC industry's needs as they evolve.

Belly Band Motor Mount Sizes

  • Available in either three-or four-arm units
  • Manufactured from galvanized steel
  • Available for 42,48 and 56 frame size motors
  • Motor diameters range from 4.4" to 6.5"
  • Designed for blowers 7" to 26" in diameter
  • Triangle's engineering team can customize design positions (angles) of the arms for both standard and heavy-duty applications

Benefits of Triangle's Belly Band Motor Mounts

  • Completely customizable
  • Sturdy and strong design for heavy duty vibration suppression
  • They require minimal storage space
  • Most cost-efficient in the market





For more information on Triangle Manufacturing's belly band motor mount assembly fixtures, contact us today!

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