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  1. Triangle's Spherical Rod Ends

    Triangle's Spherical Rod Ends

    Triangle is a female rod end manufacturer. Our spherical rod ends are stamped from galvanized steel and are pressed with a spherical plain bearing and race of your choice. 

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  2. All You Need to Know About Triangle's Threaded Rods

    All You Need to Know About Triangle's Threaded Rods

    Triangle has now become a threaded rod manufacturer! We offer a handful of different size double ended threaded rods, but our popular sizes include 5/16-24 and 3/8-24. Common applications for our threaded rods include lawn mowers, HVAC louvers, solar trackers, processing equipment and more. Below you will see our capabilities and custom options that are available in high volumes.

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  3. Heavy Duty Fixed Metal Linkage Replaces Adjustable Rod Linkage Assembly

    Triangle Manufacturing’s team was on a visit to a lawn mower manufacturer when they noticed the heavy use of adjustable rod linkage assemblies on their zero-turn lawn mowers. One of Triangle’s application engineers suggested the use of a fixed metal linkage because he did not see the necessity of using an adjustable rod linkage assembly on this Read more
  4. The Benefits of Adding a Wrench Flat to your Spherical Rod End Linkage

    The Benefits of Adding a Wrench Flat to your Spherical Rod End Linkage

    Triangle is a manufacturer of spherical rod ends and threaded rods and can also supply you with a rod end linkage assembly to save you time and money. One of the features that we offer to add to our rod end linkage assemblies is a wrench flat, also could be referred to as a turnbuckle. A wrench flat is stamped onto the rod to help you to easily tighten or loosen the linkage assembly on the application.

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  5. Advantages of Triangle's Rod End Linkage Assembly

    Advantages of Triangle's Rod End Linkage Assembly Triangle Manufacturing offers spherical rod ends but can also assemble the spherical rod ends in house to provide a full linkage solution for you. Below are various benefits of why you should switch to a rod end linkage assembly, rather than continuing to purchase separate parts.    REDUCE SKUS When Triangle sends you a rod end linkage Read more
  6. Triangle Product Information Sheets

    Triangle Product Information Sheets   Below are downloadable PDFs about each of Triangle's product offerings. Content includes benefits of each part, part numbers, material options and more!  Sintered and Spherical Bearings Shaft Collars, Oil Cups & Repair Kits Motion Transfer Linkages Pillow Block Bearings Flange Bearings Read more
  7. Spherical Plain Bearing Fits

    Spherical Plain Bearing Fits

    Triangle Manufacturing Company's spherical plain bearings are available in multiple bearing fits. Bearing fits will vary as defferent applications may require them to be looser or tighter. Below are the floowing definitions to help you decide what spherical plain bearing fit is right for your application.

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  8. Rod Linkage Assembly Cuts Costs

    Rod Linkage Assembly Cuts Costs Adjustable Lawn Mower Linkage with Spherical Rod Ends When end users put their hands on a lawn mower, the first thing they feel is the steering. That makes the rod linkage assembly crucial to the equipment's overall feel. When a major lawn and garden equipment manufacturer approached Triangle with the challenge of improving the look and feel of Read more
  9. Lawn Mower Linkage Application

    Lawn Mower Linkage Application Taking the complications out of a steering linkage system Riding lawnmowers take a beating. Traveling over the uneven terrain of our yards week after week wreaks havoc on the mowers’ steering assemblies. We designed a self-aligned lawn mower linkage assembly that’s ideal for this situation. It effortlessly handles these misalignments, as well Read more

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