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White Papers

  1. CR10018 Steel Threaded Rod Load Data

    The data presented below applies to threaded rods capabilities in various use cases. For all tension scenarios it does not matter what type of end connection is present. For compression scenarios the type of end connection is important when looking at Euler's Buckling equation. The most common use will be for rod end linkages in which a spherical rod end will be attached to the ends of the rods. This type of scenario will be assumed for the buckling equation to obtain load data. 


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  2. Triangle's Metal Linkage Assembly Results in Cost-Savings

    During a conversation with a turf-equipment manufacturer, Triangle realized they were laser-cutting a 1/4" thick narrow piece of metal for a mower deck application. This metal piece also had two holes machined out to attach the hand controls to the deck.

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  3. Salt Spray Hour Data Sheet on Electroplated Zinc

    This white paper outlines the ASTM requirements as stated in ASTM B633 for electrodeposited coatings of zinc on iron and steel. In accordance to this standard, there are six finish types and four thickness classes. each has their own corrosion requirement for minimum salt spray hours. Below, you will also see a bar graph of salt spray hours met for different plating types as tested. 

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  4. Rod Linkage Assembly Cuts Costs

    Rod Linkage Assembly Cuts Costs Adjustable Lawn Mower Linkage with Spherical Rod Ends When end users put their hands on a lawn mower, the first thing they feel is the steering. That makes the rod linkage assembly crucial to the equipment's overall feel. When a major lawn and garden equipment manufacturer approached Triangle with the challenge of improving the look and feel of Read more
  5. Metal Linkage Design Yields Cost Savings

    Metal Linkage Design Yields Cost Savings Triangle Engineers Dual-lever Control Application to Reduce SKUs & Assembly Time When a global heavy equipment manufacturer asked us to quote production of a metal linkage for their dual-lever control application, we saw both a challenge and a solution. Rather than simply developing a traditional metal linkage quote, our engineering teams Read more

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