From tractors to toys and displays to dentist's chairs, Triangle understands the unique needs of agriculture, transportation and other industries. We put the same amount of detail and thoroughness into each part, whether it's going into a combine or a closet storage solution. We're able to make parts tough enough for construction equipment and precise enough for seating mechanisms and in high enough volume to satisfy the largest HVAC equipment producers in the world.


Triangle products are used in countless industries, some predictable, like agriculture and cabinetry, and some unexpected such as medical and food processing. We're always impressed with our customers who are constantly finding new and innovative uses for our products. We're excited to be involved in so many diverse applications and uses. Not many companies can brag about having products utilized in chicken pluckers and government ships.

For more information on our biggest industries, check out the list below.


We're headquartered in the dairy state, so we know how important quality agricultural machinery is. We do our part by providing quality components that may not be glamorous, but they're sturdy and built to last. view industry / view products


Triangle lazy susan revolving turntables are utilized in millions of kitchen corner cabinets each year, in the US, Canada and internationally. Our lazy susan bearings are manufactured to the highest quality standards with the best materials and a reliable, consistent and accurate design process. view industry / view products


For retail and trade show displays Triangle can supply smooth, low profile turntable bearings, cost-efficient linkages and custom components for moving, eye-catching displays. view industry / view products


Triangle works with groundbreaking industries that revolutionize the way we heat our residential and commercial spaces, transport equipment and utilize space in our homes. Over the years we've found ways to make bearings stronger, lazy susans turn smarter and motor mounts ship better, whether we're supplying pillow block bearings for oil refineries, linkages to coal mining mechanisms or blower bearing brackets for use in geothermal heating units. view industry / view products


We work cohesively with HVAC OEM's to achieve the most durable and cost-effective design. Our components have been used in the leading heating and cooling units for the past 30 years. view industry / view products


At Triangle, we do our part to keep the world moving. We are a long-term supplier to some of the largest companies in the world. We provide mechanical components, bearings and custom engineering resolutions to transportation vehicles both large and small. From 180 ton mining trucks to 700 lb golf carts and 200 lb mopeds, Triangle can provide help in the form of a single bearing to a complete assembly. view industry / view products

Flange mounted bearings are used in hay elevators, damper mechanisms, snow throwers, quilting machines and race cars, among other uses. Many of Triangle's products are utilized in multiple industries, encompassing hundreds of uses and applications.