Heavy Duty Lazy Susan Bearings

Triangle is an American bearing manufacturer of heavy duty lazy susan bearings

Triangle's Lazy Susan bearings made in the USA, also called turntable bearings or slewing bearings, are stamped from galvanized steel and are available in sizes ranging from 3 inch to 12 inch. Available in standard and greased options, they are cost-effective and operate even smoother with added grease.

Lazy susan turntable bearings are used around the world in rotating displays, amusement parks, assembly stands, computer monitors, cabinets, exercise equipment, table top servers, and more.

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Our engineers have over 157 years of experience creating lazy susan bearing assemblies for a wide range of industries and have delivered product across the globe. We're an especially strong partner for OEMs who need volume. Contact Triangle Manufacturing today and consider it done.

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Triangle Manufacturing offers lazy susan bearings to fit a wide range of applications including rotating displays, amusement parks, assembly stands, computer monitors, cabinets, exercise equipment, table top servers, and more.


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Nearly 100 years ago, Frank Sullivan took a giant leap –the kind that only the entrepreneurial engineer will make. From the shop room floor at what was then Oshkosh Truck Corp. (and is today known as Oshkosh Corporation®), he ventured out on his own to establish Triangle Manufacturing Company in 1922.

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Select and compare up to 4 products.
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