Stamped Component & Bearing Engineering

In our DNA

At first glance, the engineering capabilities among manufacturing companies may seem largely the same. So, what sets Triangle Manufacturing apart? The difference is in our DNA. Our company was built by engineers, grown by engineers and is led by engineers today. While other stamped metal component and bearing manufacturers begin their work when an order is placed, Triangle Manufacturing Company takes a different approach.

When we first hear about a project or see a product, stamped metal component and bearing engineering is the first thing on our minds. (Sometimes, that’s long before our work with a company officially begins). Few things thrill us more than the opportunity to put our engineering methods in motion and improve a product or project. At Triangle Manufacturing, we want to be an extension of your engineering department, bringing the extensive knowledge and capabilities that we use to take our customers’ projects to the next level.

Metal Component & Bearing Engineering

for faster turnaround on new designs

A primary difference in our approach: Our stamped metal component engineering, bearing design and manufacturing teams are all located under the same roof. This structure allows for an ongoing flow of communication, iteration and revisions as projects evolve. Our one-of-a-kind structure pairs toolmaking with maintenance to efficiently identify design gaps that may affect production times. The result: Turnaround on new product designs is far faster than the industry norm.

While die stamping is our core capability, we offer a wide range of manufacturing processes and services, including:

  • HelpYou-icon Welding
  • Rapidly-icon Assembly
  • TestsNewParts-icon Plating
  • Automate-icon Bearing
  • Automate-icon Laser And
    Wet Jet

Metal Component Engineering and Bearing Design

Smoother. Quieter. More efficient.

Are you looking for smoother motion in a spherical plain bearing? Do you need a quieter design for your application? Do you need to install a linkage assembly more efficiently? We tackle customer challenges like these daily, tapping into decades of motion engineering experience. Our vast experience includes bearing design and metal component engineering for markets from ocean to desert and everything in between. This experience gives our engineering team a deep well of knowledge from which to create smoother, quieter, more efficient bearings and motion assemblies.

Here’s how one customer put Triangle Manufacturing’s engineering capabilities to work:

  • ProblemSolvers-OurCustomer Our customer was developing a completely new product that included four linkage-assemblies for one application.
  • ProblemSolvers-OurEngineers Our engineers saw an opportunity to reduce the required pieces from four to two.
  • ProblemSolvers-Developed They developed a design model to show how the product would work.

The customer accepted the solution, reducing required SKUs, decreasing set-up time and saving per-piece costs. Read our case study for details.

The proof is in
the production

To ensure we’re continuously developing our engineering prowess, we challenge our team to extend their reach from products to production. Beyond building designs for spherical bearings, spherical rod ends and linkage assemblies, our team engineers the automation used to build our products. That means we know our capabilities inside and out—because they were created by our team, for our team.

We use this intimate knowledge to constantly optimize our production equipment, making it better and faster with each iteration. Our software development team manages in-house systems, including our CRM, MRP, and EDI. Because we don’t need to rely on a third-party to engineer, build or maintain our production environment, we can respond faster when new projects emerge.

Beyond Industrial Bearing Design

A lot of engineers know CAD and 3D prototyping. Our well of knowledge runs deeper to materials science. Our products are made with a variety of materials:

*(stainless, galvanized, cold-rolled, hot-rolled, HSLA)

Over the decades, we’ve learned more than the properties of each material. We’ve learned how each material responds when challenged by a new bend, shape, design or a change in the elements. We know what it can and can’t do. And, if we have a new theory, we have the capability to test it in our in-house lab.

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Select and compare up to 4 products.
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