Industrial Bearing Support Brackets

Triangle manufactures three- or four-arm style spider blower bearing brackets for the HVAC industry

Bearing support brackets facilitate accurate positioning of the shaft and blower wheel through its self-centering and self-aligning design. Our bearing frames are stamped from galvanized steel and then welded or crimped together to produce the entire assembly. We offer both universal brackets and custom-made blower bearing brackets to your specification.

Advantages of Triangle’s spider bearing brackets:

  • Preassembled or unassembled based on your shipping preference
  • Customizable lengths and gauges for maximum flexibility
  • Rigid assembly reinforces the strength of the blower side sheet
  • Rounded corners and the absence of burrs minimize the risk of injury
  • Triangle offers universal tri-arm spider brackets for repairing and replacing

Need a custom motor mount or support bracket?

Our engineers have over 157 years of experience creating custom blower bearing brackets, and we're ready to help determine the exact specifications needed for your application. We can handle your design from start to finish. Contact Triangle Manufacturing today and consider it done.


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Designed for the HVAC industry, Triangle Manufacturing’s motor mounts, cushion mounted bearings and tri-/quad-arm bearing support brackets are highly regarded within the industry for their noise dampening effect and ease of installation.


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Bearing support brackets are a critical machine component in the HVAC industry. As a result, there are a variety of bearing support bracket types and characteristics to be considered when selecting the bearing support bracket for your application. Triangle Manufacturing is here to help!

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Select and compare up to 4 products.
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