Robust Bearings Tough Enough for the Most Rugged Farming Applications

We know our bearings are just one of many components that need to work seamlessly together to steer a bobcat, shift gears on a tractor, or level grain heads on a combine. Bearings are just one small, yet integral, component and they don't need a snazzy name or any gimmicks, they just have to work.


We're headquartered in the dairy state, so we know how important quality agricultural machinery is. We do our part by providing quality components that may not be glamorous, but they're sturdy and built to last. Our pillow block and flange mounted bearings and linkages are on some of the longest lasting and highest selling agricultural equipment in the world. These innovative agricultural OEMs come to Triangle for robust and sturdy bearings and linkages that are adept at handling the environmental stressors that are customary with farming machinery.


Triangle bearings and components are used in weed mower steering mechanisms, combine self-leveling grain heads and throttle control linkages. Our bearings are self-aligning and self-lubricating; these hardy components tolerate environmental stressors and compensate for uneven ground, jarring and shaking. Our long-lasting, time tested bearings can be tailor-made to your application, no matter how trying the environment or how complex the mechanism.


We can create custom components with specific mounting holes, shapes, coatings and more to fit your existing design. We routinely re-design existing parts, combining multiple components in to one, streamlined and efficient design that reduces costs for our customer. We also provide value-added services such as full-assembly options or thinking critically about your current assembly process. Chances are we can reduce your assembly time and supplies needed with extrusions or an overall better design. Let us take a look, we'd love to help you better both your business and your bottom line.


Triangle understands OEM logistics. We have short lead times and are able to maneuver shipping costs to be economical for our customers. We do all of this because we are engineers at our core. We strive for the most efficient, quality design created through tool making expertise.


This piece is involved in activating a mechanism that deposits corn seeds during planting. It's used in a corn planter for an international agricultural manufacturer.

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