Custom Components for Moving, Eye-Catching Displays

Triangle provides lazy susan bearings with load capacities ranging from 200 to 1,000 lbs, with smooth turning and low-profile designs perfect for revolving signs, trade show exhibits, and retail displays. We offer OEM high-volume pricing with quantity breaks, coating and mounting hole customization opportunities and painting options.


For retail and trade show displays, Triangle can supply smooth, low profile turntable bearings, cost-efficient linkages and custom components for moving, eye-catching displays.


Triangle Manufacturing's premium lazy susan bearings are known as the best in the industry. This reputation comes with experience, and here at Triangle, we have over 90 years of it. Our bearings are ideal for displays as they are smooth-turning and long lasting.

Lazy susan turntable bearings are used all over the world, trade shows in Toronto, art galleries in Des Moines and sunglasses shop in Cairo.

We use corrosion-resistant galvanized steel and offer a variety of additional coating options. Available in a multitude of sizes from 3”-12”, and both square and round shapes, our swivel bearing design has a deeper race groove, encapsulating the balls more effectively and allowing them to move more smoothly.

Standard, smooth-gliding bearings come in electroplate zinc coatings in 3", 4" and 6" square or 6", 9" and 12" round. Greased bearings are available factory-direct, at a minimal added cost.

All of our lazy susans use quarter-inch balls and can be greased to dampen noise. 


We can create custom components with specific mounting holes, shapes, coatings and more to fit your existing design. Triangle's lazy susan bearings are manufactured to the highest quality standards with the best materials and a reliable, consistent and accurate design process.

Custom add-ons can include:

  • Coating options (clear coat finish, black chromate finish, yellow chromate/zinc finish)
  • Customizable detents
  • PEM fasteners
  • Plating
  • Full stops
  • Trimming holes
  • Mounting holes
  • Open center for cable pass-through


If your display is tall, or you're worried about shipping damages, learn more about thrust bearing options view resource


Designed especially for the display industry, these black turntable bearings add an overall "finished" look to any project or application from tabletop video poker machines to any retail display. view press release