A Tradition of Innovation and Modernization

The renewable and non-renewable energy industries rely on our modern, exceptionally customizable components and our old-fashioned service. We provide components for windmills, geothermal heating and cooling pumps, earth-coupled heat pumps and solar panels as well as fully-assembled components for the mining and petroleum industries.


Triangle Manufacturing has a tradition of innovation and this modernization extends into the emerging solar market.


Our self-aligning components are perfect for tilting solar panels because of their self-alignment. Our bearings can tolerate and adjust to misalignment without failing. Our bearings are also extremely customizable; to the coating, size, material and more which makes them ideal for unusual or challenging mechanisms. Our bearings can also be adapted to be utilized outdoors and in challenging environments, which is essential in natural energy production.


Triangle works with groundbreaking industries that revolutionize the way we heat our residential and commercial spaces, transport equipment and utilize space in our homes.  Whether we're supplying pillow block bearings for oil refineries, linkages to coal mining mechanisms or blower bearing brackets for use in geothermal heating units Triangle looks forward to working with emerging industries. Over the years we've found ways to make bearings stronger, lazy susans turn smarter and motor mounts ship better. 

We're looking forward to finding ways to continue our tradition of modernization through inventive and efficiency increasing ways in the renewable and non-renewable energy industries.

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Triangle's ball bushings are sought after for solar applications for their ruggedness and self-aligning features.