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Moved from being
a tool-and-die shop to a
high-volume component
manufacturer for OEMs


Worked with cabinet
manufacturers to design
the lazy susan bearing


auto-order processing


Introduced a cellular
structure in manufacturing

The Triangle Manufacturing Story

Engineering Is in Our DNA

Nearly 100 years ago, Frank Sullivan took a giant leap –the kind that only the entrepreneurial engineer will make.

From the shop room floor at what was then Oshkosh Truck Corp. (and is today known as Oshkosh Corporation), he ventured out on his own to establish Triangle Manufacturing Company in 1922.

Originally conceived as a tool and die shop, Sullivan followed his instincts and customer base, building the company from its humble roots into what has become one of the largest U.S. metal forming companies. Today, our customers—from small-and mid-sized manufacturers to Fortune 500® companies—span the globe.

And, Sullivan’s legacy of thinking entrepreneurially, engineering creatively and delivering reliably, lives on. It's on our DNA.



Today—as in 1922—Triangle Manufacturing Company is run by engineers, for engineers. We’re here to solve your problems, no matter how complex. And we build our components to last. We want our designs to work just as well years from now as they do today.

What does our product lineup include?

And if you don’t find the exact product you need to drive your design over the finish line, we’ll customize components for you. Because we’re more than a metal forming and metal stamping company—our work lies in finding creative solutions to engineering challenges. Our goal is to help our customers move better—through design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery processes that solve problems and achieve goals.

Throughout our nearly 100-year history, we've continued to invent and innovate, both our products and processes to provide our customers with reliable components and engineered solutions that keep you ahead of your competition.


introduced light-out manufacturing technology


Used our first production robot


ISO: 9001 2008 certification


ISO: 9001 2015 certification

A metal forming company

with creative problem-solving

We know you need to move fast. That’s why we’ve built our processes to:

  • EngineerSolutions
    Engineer solutions quickly
  • DevelopRabidPrototypes
    Develop rapid prototypes
  • ManufactureOurOwn
    Manufacture our own parts
    (rather than relying heavily
    on third-party suppliers)

Our team is a collaborative partner, equipped to bring new ideas to the table. When developing solutions, we work with the entire team, including engineering and purchasing, to ensure our solutions and pricing align with organizational goals.

How engineering DNA

helped our

The advantage of having nearly 100 years of manufacturing experience: We can draw on our past successes to bring you better solutions, faster. Consider this customer’s challenge:

In the midst of developing a solar application, our customer encountered a puzzling challenge. With fierce weather conditions battering the installation site, a brass flange was required. Because steel is not natively pliable, the customer had struggled to find a manufacturing partner who could deliver. When they brought the challenge to Triangle Manufacturing Company, we tapped into our engineering DNA. Drawing from our vast archive, we found product research for a similar problem, solved decades earlier. We called up the design, developed a prototype and showed the customer a solution that works.

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Select and compare up to 4 products.
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