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Driven by Creativity

At Triangle Manufacturing, our team starts at the same place in every project—with you. Whether you have a brand-new design or are looking to update a current one, we seek to understand your challenges and goals. Then, where appropriate, we seek to add value, designing solutions – from spherical bearings to rod end bearings, linkage assemblies and motor mounts and support brackets – that help you overcome challenges and achieve your goals. That’s how we’re built. Problem-solving is part of our DNA.

Innovators focused on your success

Since our start in 1922, we’ve been a stamped metal component and bearing manufacturing company run by engineers for engineers. We foster a culture of innovation throughout the entire company – from sales to engineering to manufacturing and shipping.


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Linkage Assemblies, Blower Bearing Brackets and More

We’ve built our team with innovation in mind. Our sales team (who are engineers themselves) collaborates with engineering to meet customer goals and identify solutions to application challenges.

Collaboration with other teams helps bring you holistic solutions a custom bearing manufacturer can provide:

  • Purchasing-icon

    Purchasing may collaborate to analyze whether new components are available on the market that we could integrate into your design.

  • OurManufacturing-icon

    Our manufacturing team can provide ideas for improving production or reducing assembly costs.

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    Our shipping department can identify packaging options that help control shipping costs.

We keep the success of your design – and entire product – at the core of our engineering and production process. Many times, we are faced with a complex design challenge that will involve producing a new component that is less expensive than the original part. What’s more, we strive to make our designs future-focused, so they work just as well many years from now as they do today. It’s the Triangle Manufacturing way.


Stamped Metal Component and Custom Bearing Manufacturer

Devoted to Your Goals

As a custom metal component manufacturer, we have a passion for creating and testing new products with a consistent eye on quality. Quality is at the core of our customers’ success with new or updated designs. Yours is not a product order. It’s a need. And, your need is not just a project. It’s a goal.

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Select and compare up to 4 products.
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