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Quality and

Bearing supplier with

custom metal fabrication &
stamping expertise

Engineering and manufacturing quality bearings and linkages for enterprise

Have you ever tried to fit a bearing or linkage into a new design to find that it’s like putting a square peg into a round hole? You contact your bearing or linkage supplier hoping their custom metal fabrication & stamping expertise will help you meet the tight deadlines you face.

When Triangle Manufacturing is the linkages, motor mounts, and bearings supplier you call, we stand ready to meet your needs. Because we’re a company built by engineers, grown by engineers and led by engineers, we’ve designed our in-house development processes and quality checks with engineers’ needs in mind.

From agricultural to automotive, cabinetry, power generation, marine and every application in between, we know what it takes to design and manufacture a wide range of products. That’s why, as your metal components supplier, our engineering design process is developed to:

  • HelpYou-icon

    Help you find the perfect product or design custom bearings and linkages to fit your need

  • Rapidly-icon

    Rapidly prototype new parts

  • TestsNewParts-icon

    Test new parts’ life-cycle performance in our own lab

  • Automate-icon

    Automate the recurring order-to-shipment process, so parts arrive when you need them

From idea to

Design engineering,
prototyping, samples,
and volume production

“Here’s what I’m trying to do.”

Those six words get our creative juices to start flowing. We like nothing better than to hear your goal and respond with a unique idea that helps you get there. Whether it’s an ingenious application for an existing product or a custom product engineered and manufactured just for you, we thrive on making things happen.

When can you get us involved?

We can add value early in the engineering design process, as an engineering partner and idea generator with whom you can bounce ideas back and forth until we land on the perfect solution. (The best projects are when we’re sitting next to one another, working as a team.) We won’t stop with ideas. Our engineering capabilities enable us to prototype far faster than the industry standard. That means your project can go from concept to prototype in just weeks. With 3D design and simulation ®, rapid prototyping, and an integrated tool room with machines, we have the flexibility to move quickly from prototype to sample to volume production.


ISO 9001: 2015 Certification

Because engineering is in our DNA, we maintain a strict commitment to quality. In 2018, we earned ISO 9001: 2015 certification. This designation serves as a benchmark for the quality of work we do every day and continuously strive to improve


Empowered to

deliver solutions

Because our engineering team has direct relationships with customers, we can deliver ideas and solutions to help you achieve your goals. We are driven to understand both your business and your application. By asking questions and striving to understand what you are trying to accomplish, we can ensure we’re tapping into our wide portfolio of application experiences to meet the right goal.

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Select and compare up to 4 products.
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