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Advantages of Triangle's Rod End Linkage Assembly

Advantages of Triangle's Rod End Linkage Assembly

Triangle Manufacturing offers spherical rod ends but can also assemble the spherical rod ends in house to provide a full linkage solution for you. Below are various benefits of why you should switch to a rod end linkage assembly, rather than continuing to purchase separate parts. 



When Triangle sends you a rod end linkage assembly, you won't have the hassle of managing multiple SKUs due to getting parts shipped separately.

Rod Linkage Assembly - Reduce Skus


Triangle will provide you with a full solution, so you don't have to worry about time being spent assembling rods, spherical rod ends and fasteners. 

Rod Linkage Assembly - Eliminate Assembly time


If you need a wrench flat on your rod, an advantage of Triangle's rod end linkage assembly is that we can stamp an aesthetically pleasing wrench flat at a low cost, compared to competitors.

Rod Linkage Assembly - Wrench Flat


If you buy a rod end linkage assembly from Triangle, the cost ends up being more economical than buying all of the separate pieces. 


By purchasing a rod end linkage assembly from Triangle, you only have to manage one supplier for a product rather than dealing with multiple different suppliers to achieve one solution. (Ex. if rods are purchased from one supplier and a spherical rod end from another supplier, there could be finger pointing if something doesn't fit right or fails in the field.)

Rod End Linkage Assembly - reduced number of suppliers


If the center to center distance is consistent, the customer only has to install it with little to no adjustment. If a company is putting their own solution together, the person putting the linkage together might only screw on the jam nuts and rod ends, and then the assembler will have to take extra time to adjust the rod end linkage assembly to the proper length. 

Rod End Linkage Assembly - Consistent Center to Center

For more information on Triangle's spherical rod ends and rod end linkage assemblies, view our product page or feel free to contact us today. We would love to hear from you. 

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