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  1. Triangle's Spherical Rod Ends

    Triangle's Spherical Rod Ends

    Triangle is a female rod end manufacturer. Our spherical rod ends are stamped from galvanized steel and are pressed with a spherical plain bearing and race of your choice. 

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  2. CR10018 Steel Threaded Rod Load Data

    The data presented below applies to threaded rods capabilities in various use cases. For all tension scenarios it does not matter what type of end connection is present. For compression scenarios the type of end connection is important when looking at Euler's Buckling equation. The most common use will be for rod end linkages in which a spherical rod end will be attached to the ends of the rods. This type of scenario will be assumed for the buckling equation to obtain load data. 


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  3. All You Need to Know About Triangle's Threaded Rods

    All You Need to Know About Triangle's Threaded Rods

    Triangle has now become a threaded rod manufacturer! We offer threaded rods, double ended in 5/16" and 3/8" thread sizes. Common applications for our threaded rods include lawn mowers, HVAC louvers, solar trackers, processing equipment and more. Below you will see our capabilities and custom options that are available in high volumes.

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  4. Triangle 2 Bolt Flange Bearing Types

    Triangle 2 Bolt Flange Bearing Types

    Triangle Manufacturing Company offers various 2-bolt flange bearings. Learn about available sizes, load capacities, applications and more for each 2 bolt flange bearing type.

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  5. Triangle's Metal Linkage Assembly Results in Cost-Savings

    During a conversation with a turf-equipment manufacturer, Triangle realized they were laser-cutting a 1/4" thick narrow piece of metal for a mower deck application. This metal piece also had two holes machined out to attach the hand controls to the deck.

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  6. Triangle Pillow Block Bearing Types

    Triangle Pillow Block Bearing Types

    Triangle Manufacturing offers a wide variety of pillow block bearing types. You can find a pillow block bearing from Triangle if you have a light or heavy-duty application.

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  7. Heavy Duty Fixed Metal Linkage Replaces Adjustable Rod Linkage Assembly

    Triangle Manufacturing’s team was on a visit to a lawn mower manufacturer when they noticed the heavy use of adjustable rod linkage assemblies on their zero-turn lawn mowers. One of Triangle’s application engineers suggested the use of a fixed metal linkage because he did not see the necessity of using an adjustable rod linkage assembly on this Read more
  8. How to Self-Align your Spherical Plain Bearings

    One of the many benefits of Triangle's spherical plain bearings is that they are all capable of self-alignment. If there happens to be a misalignment during assembly, self-aligning bearings can compensate for the problem without the added cost. Triangle's self-aligning plain bearings keep mount assemblies aligned which reduces costly methods of Read more
  9. Spherical Plain Bearing FAQ - Commonly Asked Questions with Answers

    Spherical Plain Bearing FAQ - Commonly Asked Questions with Answers Q: Is the Bronze Bushing supposed to turn?  A: No, the bronze bushing is press fit into the outersphere of the bearing shell and should not spin. If it is rotating, the spherical plain bearing is no longer working properly and will need to be replaced. View five signs of potential spherical plain bearing failure. Q: Should the Spherical Read more
  10. Five Signs of Potential Spherical Bearing Failure

    Triangle Manufacturing Company offers many different spherical plain bearing types. You can find our spherical plain bearings in many applications including: solar trackers, lawn mowers, industrial reels, evaporative coolers, food processing equipment, vending machines and more. Although Triangles spherical plain bearings are known for their long life-span, sometimes they can fail due to a long period of time, or you may not have the right spherical plain bearing for your application

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