Benefits of Triangle's Lazy Susan Bearings

Benefits of Triangle's Lazy Susan Bearings

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Standard Lazy Susan Bearings

  • 360° interlock prevents separation of moving parts. The lazy susan bearing is interlocked for the lifetime of the unit without any rivets to work loose or bind
  • 5/16" thick and engineered to add minimum height
  • Attaches easily to a second surface with access holes for ease of installation
  • Assembled so there is no contact under the load except through the rolling balls
  • The large ball race is designed for maximum stability. It has a full race of precision ground ball bearings for a smooth, gliding rotation
  • Customizable detents and stops
  • Open center allows for post or cable pass-through and ease of centering the unit 

Greased Lazy Susan Bearings

  • Smoothness of turn
  • Quiet spin
  • Grease impedes motion, preventing over-spin
  • Detents work best with greased bearings
  • Grease may also helps in resisting corrosion


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