Benefits of Triangle's Lazy Susan Bearings

Benefits of Triangle's Lazy Susan Bearings

Triangle's Lazy Susan Bearings offer manufacturers a number of important benefits, including 360° interlock, greased options to increase smoothness and decrease noise, low profile to add minimum height and thoughtful features to ensure ease of installation. 

Standard Lazy Susan Bearings

Triangle’s lazy susan bearings are strong, thin and quiet. They’re capable of supporting high axial loads while rotating smoothly. Also known as slew bearings or industrial turntable bearings, their versatility and strength provide secure operation for advertising displays, assembly stands, computer monitors, corner cabinets, furniture fixes and many more applications. Our one-of-a-kind lazy susan bearing design includes features that contribute to both strength and stability. 

360° interlock prevents separation of moving parts for the lifetime of the unit without any rivets to work loose or bind

Triangle Lazy Susan 360 Interlock

Greased options for enhanced smoothness and the quietest spin

Triangle Lazy Susan Bearings Greased Smooth and Quiet

5/16" thick and engineered for a low profile to add minimum height

Triangle Lazy Susan Bearings Low Profile

Attaches easily to a second surface with access holes for ease of installation

Lazy Susan Bearings Access Holes Easy Installation

Open center allows for post or cable pass-through and ease of centering the unit 

Triangle Lazy Susan Bearing Open Center

More Benefits of Triangle Standard Lazy Susan Bearings:

Triangle's engineering and manufacturing capabililties allow us to provide our customers with lazy susan wholesale bearings, or to customize unique designs to meet their specifications.  

  • Assembled so there is no contact under the load except through the rolling balls
  • The large ball race is designed for maximum stability. It has a full race of precision ground ball bearings for a smooth, gliding rotation
  • Customizable detents and stops

Greased Lazy Susan Bearings

  • Smoothness of turn
  • Quiet spin
  • Grease impedes motion, preventing over-spin
  • Detents work best with greased bearings
  • Grease may also helps in resisting corrosion


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