Cost Reductions in Farm Equipment - Spherical Plain Bearing Applications

Cost Reductions in Farm Equipment - Spherical Plain Bearing Applications

Triangle's spherical plain bearings are found in many agricultural equipment applications. Below you will see different types of Triangle bearings for each application.


Triangle's 1" BJ series and 1 1/4" BK series pillow blocks helped reduce costs in winch mechanisms. 


Triangle's pillow block bearings have a high load capacity, over 8,000 lbs, and resistance to corrosive conditions. BJ and BK series, exra strength pillow blocks feature straps pressed from strong 1/8" steel - approaching strength of bulkier much more expensive cast iron housings. Cast iron ball units with bronze bushings are used in these pillow blocks for an even more rugged duty.



Triangle's CB series 3/4" center flange bearings are used on the steering control shaft. Further cost reductions came from use of FB series 7/8" side flange bearings on rear axle. 


Center flange bearings have complete self-alignment and a lifetime supply of lubricant. They give maximum strength because the load is concentrated close to the mounting surface and they are compact since the spherical bearing protrudes through mounting panel. 



FE series 1" 4-bolt side flange bearings accomplished a cost reduction on beater shafts. 


Triangle's 4-bolt side flanges have maximum strength, assemble with ease and are an overall lower cost solution. The rigid mounting is self-aligning through ball and socket action which compensates for irregularities in mounting surfaces and other components. And oil impregnated bronze bushing with steel ball unit stands up under all kinds of weather and effectively resists extreme dust and dirt conditions. 



FB series 1" side flange bearings achiefed cost savings on jack shaft. 



45% savings over expensive type bearings without decrease in performace was achieved with Triangle's 2 bolt flange unit. Corrosion resistance, durability and ease of assembly were all needed along with ultimate economy. 


These are just a handful of cost reduction applications through the use of Triangle Manufacturing spherical plain bearings. For more information on how we can save costs for you, contact us today.

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