Steps to Create a Custom Linkage Assembly for Your Next Project

Steps to Create a Custom Linkage Assembly for Your Next Project

Triangle’s custom linkages can help solve your problems. If you don’t find the exact product you need to drive your design over the finish line, we’ll customize components for you. Because we’re more than a stamped metal component and bearing manufacturer–our work lies in finding creative solutions to engineering challenges. Our goal is to help our customers move better– through design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery processes that solve problems and achieve goals. Whether you are designing a new piece of equipment, have a change in design of current equipment, or have a clearance issue, we can help.

Step 1: Contact Triangle About Your Custom Linkage Assembly Need

We’re always looking out for ways to improve your applications and simplifying tasks in your production lines. Here’s how to get started:

  • Reach out to us at 920-235-3710 or and ask to talk to our team about a custom linkage design. 

Our in-house engineer experts will talk through your challenge to find solutions to maximize assembly. We have multiple custom options available including bend, wrench flat, and plating specifications.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Custom Linkage Assembly


As part of this step:

  • Our team will work to design prints related to your custom solution.
  • After you approve the prints, we will send you samples of the piece that you can put to the test at your facility. 

Our engineering team will be standing by to help troubleshoot any issues that arise or make adjustments to the part based on your feedback from this stage.

Step 3: Finalize the Production Plan 

At the end of this collaborative process, you’ll have a solution that solves your pain points. Next up:

  • We’ll confirm the timeline of your project launch to ensure you can go to market on time. In this stage, we’ll also ensure delivery of all quality requirements (PPAP, Certificate of Conformance, etc.). 

Step 4: Design Implementation


You’re nearing the finish line in this stage:

  • We will produce your first order and ship it your way. 

That won’t be the last you’ll hear from us though. Our team takes service seriously, so we’ll be in close contact with you to ensure you complete satisfaction.


Contact Us for a Custom Linkage Solution Today

Throughout our over 100-year history, we’ve continued to invent and innovate, both our products and processes, to provide you with reliable components and engineered solutions that keep you ahead of your competition and save you time on assembly. To get started on a custom linkage solution, contact us today.


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