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Five Signs of Potential Spherical Bearing Failure

Are your spherical bearings on the fritz? Check out these symptoms of potential sphercial bearing failure to diagnose your issues. Once you diagnose the problem, see our bearing troubleshooting hints. 

Spherical Plain Bearing troubleshooting

The following symptoms are signs your bearing is failing by lack of lubrication, wrong sizing or improper installation. 

  • Squealing and squeaking
  • Smoking or a burning smell
  • Constant misalignment
  • Uneven wearing of the shaft or bushing
  • Overall failure

Preventive steps of spherical bearing failure

The following steps will help ensure bearings are ready for the task at hand:

  • Choose the right plain bearing for your application. 
  • Choose the right size. A shaft that is too small or too large will cause uneven wearing at minimum and, at worst, complete failure and equipment damage. 
  • Be aware of the weight and speed restrictions of your bearing. 
  • Install bearings properly. View installation help. 
  • Keep up with routine maintenance and lubrication. View lubrication help

If you need help with your spherical bearing, feel free to contact us today. We would be glad to help you repair your bearing or find you a replacement! 

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