Heavy Duty Fixed Metal Linkage Replaces Adjustable Rod Linkage Assembly

Triangle Manufacturing’s team was on a visit to a lawn mower manufacturer when they noticed the heavy use of adjustable rod linkage assemblies on their zero-turn lawn mowers. One of Triangle’s application engineers suggested the use of a fixed metal linkage because he did not see the necessity of using an adjustable rod linkage assembly on this part of the zero-turn lawn mower. He also knew that by switching to a fixed metal linkage, the manufacturer would save a ton of time and cost.


This lawn mower manufacturer was facing a labor shortage like much of the rest of the nation. They were currently having the adjustable rod linkages assembled by their employees prior to putting the part on the mower while on the line. Triangle’s fixed metal linkage is a full assembly and can be taken right to the line for more efficient assembly times during production. This allowed the lawn mower manufacturer to shift employees around to areas in which they were short staffed.

Fixed Metal Linkage


  1. The rod linkage assembly on the zero-turn lawn mower had jam nuts and was accounting for five different SKUs that the buyer was responsible for purchasing. By getting the fixed metal linkage from Triangle, this dropped it down to one SKU and would result in saved time management by only dealing with one supplier.
  2. Because Triangle's metal linkage is stamped from galvanized steel, which eliminates the need for plating. This results in time saved from sending the assemblies to platers and additional cost-savings. 
  3. Triangle's metal linkage assembly is manufactured with two sintered spherical plain bearings. Sintered bearings are self-lubricating which results in less maintenance and longer life-span. View more benefits of sintered bearing material.
  4. The spherical plain bearings that are manufactured with the metal linkage have static load ratings from 7,000 lbf to 24,000 lbf. View all static load data of Triangle's spherical plain bearings.
  5. This metal linkage was custom made for this lawn mower manufacturer with no tooling costs associated with the switch. 

Triangle understands that engineers prefer adjustable rod linkages during the design phase because spherical rod ends are an off-the-shelf product and they can cut a rod to any length that is needed. That is why we have equipped our engineering department to turnaround samples quickly, so we can get a prototype to your doors to have in time for testing. 

As highlighted above, there are many benefits of switching to a fixed metal linkage when an adjustable rod linkage is not necessary. Triangle Manufacturing is always looking out for ways to improve your applications and simplifying tasks in your production lines.

Whether you are looking for a custom linkage assembly or ideas on how to simplify a part with a lot of management tied to it, let’s talk. We are always happy to help! Complete our from on our contact page or call (920) 235-3710.


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