What is a Lazy Susan Bearing?

What is a Lazy Susan Bearing?

A lazy susan bearing is a type of rotary bearing. It is like other bearings because it permits rotation between parts, but it is specifically designed to support a high axial load while rotating. 

How does a lazy susan bearing work?

When just one lazy susan bearing is used, all of the force is centered on one point (F1). This can damage the balls that allow for rotation. By adding a second bearing, the force is more evenly distributed (F1 and F2), and the bearing isn't damaged by the imbalance of weight. 

When should the lazy susan bearing be used?

Lazy susan bearings are essential for tall rotating applications, usually over 4 feet high. They also are useful for short revolving components that have side-to-side movement. The taller the component, the less side-to-side force is needed to damage the bearing. When just one lazy susan bearing is used on a very tall rotating display, it can take very little horizontal force to pull them apart. 

Benefits of lazy susan bearings

Lazy susan bearings offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Smoother rotation
  • Even weight distribution
  • Added stability to tall displays
  • Less bearing damage
  • Added strength during shipping
  • Less swaying and movement during rotation

Installing a lazy susan bearing

Check out our installation instructions for lazy susan bearings. 

Now that we've answered "what is a lazy susan bearing?", you may find it's a perfect fit for your project. Visit our product page for details of contact us or call at (920)-235-3710.


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