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Triangle Belly Band Motor Mount FAQ - Commonly asked Questions with Answers

Q: What horse power motors does Triangle's belly band motor mount support? 

A: Triangle's belly band motor mounts are the most commonly used in the HVAC industry. Examples include residential furnaces and air handlers. Primarily, Triangle's mounts are used in 0.5 - 3.0 horse power motors. 

Q: What motor company does Triangle's belly band motor mount work with? 

A: Triangle's belly band motor mount works with many of the commonly used motors, and are willing to adjust if the fit isn't perfect with an existing design. Some brand examples of motors include: NidecGenteqBroad Ocean, etc. 

Q: Do I need 3 or 4 arms in my design? 

A: Both 3 and 4 arm designs are commonly used by customers, and the preference is based on the engineers analysis. A fourth arm has been added more in recent times as motors become heavier and shipping tests are becoming more stringent. 

Q: Why is Triangle's belly band motor mount so popular? 

A: Triangle's design has been used as the preference in the HVAC industry for over 50 years. They are popular because Triangle has the ability to limit shipping costs, the ability to adjust fit the exact needs of the project, and Triangle's belly band motor mount holds up extremely well in shipping tests due to its strength. As motors get heavier, customers are having problems with wire form welds breaking and not passing the the stringent shipping tests, mentioned above. 

Q: What "accessories" are offered? 

A: Triangle offers a wide variety of rubber grommets, ferrule, and fastener options to fit the customer's preferences. As it has become harder and harder to find labor, we help our customers limit labor on their lines by pre-installing many of these these before we ship them. Triangle can work with you on recommendations and details on what would work best for your application. 

For more questions regarding Triangle's belly band motor mounts, visit our product page or contact us today. 

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